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Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Our kindness is positive energy

Can you believe it turned out activities and actions we will see the results in the world? If we believe as Muslims the verse whoever good deed will get a reward and the bad deed will get a reply. Not just in the hereafter but also in the world. You are familiar with Einstein's theory is conservation of energy. That the energy in the world is not going to disappear just changes form. The water is heated to steam and freeze into ice and so on. This means that nothing is wasted in this world. Similarly, our deeds that we call energy. Every time we put out positive energy and negative energy. Generates positive energy positive savings as well as negative energy negative result in savings. The positive and negative savings into deposits that will someday be thawed by the Almighty. If deposits melted goodness in the form of an unexpected bounty, unavoidable dangers, gets help from another, win the lottery and others. If ugliness melted deposits in the form of misfortune, broken goodwill, loss, and other diseases. So as people of faith if we say we got the unfortunate lillahi wa inna inna ilaihi last rojiun and forgiveness. Introspection. Similarly, if we do not get a lot of good but appropriate results, it is our positive savings. If we are to work worth 10 but we paid 6 then we have a positive savings 4. Similarly, if we work 5 when we receive our negative savings 10 then 5. And a time will be rewarded in this world and the hereafter. And Allaah knows best. So hopefully useful

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