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Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Secret of our health

             Doctors Hospital at NATIONAL TAIWAN do the latest discoveries, the main causes of liver damage are sleeping too late and waking up too late. Do not sleep through the night dr 22 hours, as evening at 23:00-01:00 Detox is a process in the liver, should take place in a deep sleep state. At 01:00 - 03:00 Process Detox Gall in part in a sleep state. At 03:00-05:00 Process Lung Detox at 05:00 - 07:00 Process Colon Detox parts, preferably regular defecation. At 07- 09 Nutrient Absorption Process for Small Bowel, so had to eat in the morning. Staying up late and waking up too late messing metabolism, in addition to the midnight from 04.00 in the morning is the time for the spinal cord to the production of blood. IMPORTANT FOR LOVE who stay up ...

According to Dennis G West (author of the book Health Best Seller) there hal2 hrs in the notice, such as: answer the phone using the left ear * Do not take drugs & Cold Water * Do not eat heavy meals after 6 pm * Drink more water in the morning White day, night less * Most Good Bedtime reply 10 pm to 5 am * Do not lie down too soon after taking the drug * As HP Battery do not lift the stay of the phone Because radiation increased up to 100 times. Forward this to the people closest to you, ill kindness never hurt us, hopefully this is useful INFO. So, Keep Your Health Guys!

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