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Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Karisma bukan bakat

Karisma itu bukan bakat krn bs dipelajari shg bs dijadikan tool dimana kita bs pergunakan bila perlu dan bisa disimpan bila tdk diperlukan..

Dengan karisma seseorang dicintai dan dihormati. Krn dicintai seseorg bs menggerakkan org lain. Krn dihormati seseorg bs mempengaruhi org lain..

Org melihat diri kita sesuai dg persepsinya sendiri. Org akan melihat packaging kita. Seperti perumpamaan Aqua dan Equil. Mana yg lebih menarik kemasan meski airnya adalah sama?

Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

Prayer today

Prayer today

Oh God ... When I beg for your strength, you give me any trouble for me to be STRONG.

Have prayed as above? We are asking for something, but God will give us another perspective by ...
Dear friends ...
Rest assured, that all things which Allah gave to us, it is a pleasure and a gift. Each of our troubles can be assured that from where we actually are being forged to be able to learn to be strong, be mature and resilient private.

Verily Allah does not give us what we ask, but give us what we need.

Be thankful with the best of gratitude to god ..., avoid complaining because it was close to disbelief.

Do a good thing and a positive no matter how small it is, since we do every certainly will have an effect on people's lives around us.

Ramadhan, the time to spread kindness ...

Greetings FULL spirit!!!
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