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Rabu, 26 November 2014

Make rising up your EQ

Congratulations meet again my friends, ....

On this occasion we will discuss about the personality of building sub-theme is how to manage emotions.

Maturity not seen of age but a way of thinking and governance of the soul in this case emotional control

When a person's soul was touched by the personal nature of his ego then rose flavor. Usually the focus on the issues of love, romance, divorce, death, financial, work, families can trigger emotions.

Emotional intelligence is called EQ (Emotional Quotion) someone looks when asked about it. Forms of response include: anger, crying, wailing, grumbling, profanity, slamming something, damage, berate, smoke, shaking, chills, abdominal pain, headache, etc.

Obviously the level of emotional intelligence becomes the criterion. A person with high EQ will respond wisely, think calm, unhurried. Conversely low EQ will respond with harsh words, cries or even physical violence.

It is inevitable that the amount of experience, knowledge and maturity age is a factor determining the level of one's EQ.

Therefore every experience is hammered so that we become more mature and wise in thinking and acting. Similarly studied helpful reply, many associate with people of various circles also hone our EQ.

Hopefully this article useful to us in raising EQ thus we are able to face any problems with either.

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